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 :: VCVG delivers: Head of Begging Mafia ::
 Themen | Antifaschismus | Wohnungsnot/Squat | Medien/Netzaktivismus 12-07-2016 13:46
AutorIn : Marius Horlacher

It was dropped into my lap this week! Grimmelshausen has kept his word and shipped me the head of the head of the begging mafia to my daily spot here in Antwerp, after he vowed to do so in a recent surprise encounter. Of course there is no blood on my clothing, because it is neatly packed in a transparent zipped plastic bag. This head is a valuable piece of evidence to be dried, hanged over the fireplace and shown around to all kinds of visitors to convince them that the danger they had to fear has ceased. An added note said that the body was buried behind a hilltop temple just far above the source of a river whose mouth is near Hanui, in order to enthrone the local temple spirit as a replacement. Now anyone can invoke it by name to order mafia members away whenever necessary.
How it began? I sat on the asphalt, when the guy came by and I asked him for some money. He said he had not and asked whether I could tell him where to find a free toilet. I wondered. A free toilet in this city? This must be a foreigner if he does not know that here in Antwerp toilets are never free and have not been for generations. So I invited him to my park bench and we offered each other an Artemisia-Cannabis resp. Damiana-Cannabis smoke. As we are in the middle of small talk, the guy asks me whether I had a wish. So I told him about the begging mafia, he asked for few details and said he would see what he could get done. And now it was dropped to me apparently by one of his volunteers!

But in the encounter, VCVG asked me whether I had a wish he might be able to fulfil immediately. „Sure,“ O said, „one of my plants had an evil spell cast upon it, can you see after it?“ – „Which one is it?“ – I told him. – „This plant does not occur in the wild in this part of the world. Its evolutionary advantage, which is robust leaves that do not decay into more difficult to handle debris very fast, is only relevant where humans remove the plant material from solid ground and based on that make a choice what to plant. Such a selection is not taking place in the wild, so you won't find it there.“ I knew it. An astroturf spell.

He also mentioned a few more interesting facts about evolution. For example, when there was more carbon stored in the fossil biomass and therefore the oxygen concentration in the air bigger, there were numerous insects that would appear clumsy to our eyes, because it required less energy to fly. Bumble-bees are the remainder of entire families that died out when the atmosphere changed, and so are the flowers they pollinate, with their elaborate adaptions to the body of the insect in order to load them with the pollen cargo when they reach for the nectar lure. Once these animals are gone, the missing sense of these adaptions in the symbiosis puzzle costs their existence as well.

As a counter-example to these borderline resp. frontier-shifting cases of evolution VCVG mentioned an especially heinous case of genetic manipulation, the Golden Rice Scam, where a not-really-scientist had the weird idea to reinsert a part of the nutrients that are automatically being removed from the harvest with the husk to reduce cooking time into the grain as to compensate the unintended side-effects of peeling, a tactic that goes from absurd to criminal with reaching monopoly position. Now it costs extra money to get the full grain without peeling, because it is being done automatically and configured as opt-out.

Only due to this idiocy the scam could take hold in the first place. It should be added that the manipulation also changes the colour of the rice giving a fake association of curcuma. It is an example of artificial mimicry, and unlike the garden decoration bush where it is all about picking up dropped leaves a malignant one because distorting evolution is allowed, since it can resist as necessary, while violating the integrity of the genetic heritage is not – all the more so when it works even clumsier than grafting. The joke is that scam artist Hugo Kuehner got a long list of people regarding themselves as scientists to swallow „the kool aid.“

Grimmelshausen told me that he was well aware that in the Belgian language our anti-democracy effort was especially delicate, as the Belgian word for „election“ is phonetically close to the Belgian word for „tiger“ and any call to abolish elections could be misread as a license to eradicate a threatened species, resp. the defence advocacy thereof might be distorted to make propaganda for elections – although everyone can see that elections are a scam because representative systems are not suitable for sustainable social change. If you were a ballot-paper you would be against democracy as well.

VCVG said in an added note, here in Belgium the begging mafia has entirely taken over the democratic state. For example, there is a cabinet member who failed to cancel mistakes of its predecessor with the lame excuse that firing up arms races was not problematic and now is wondering why it also fails to convince its fellow cabinet members as well. Then, everyone can see that the unions don't understand central bank policy – namely the zero interest rate doctrine in its boosted version with punitive fees on surplus money pending circulation.

I mean, the central banks themselves do not understand it, as it became obvious when re-insurers complained they are being punished for a lack of earthquakes which makes them abstain from using money they have allocated. With interest rate zeroing it is impossible to make reliable decisions for anything behind an interest rate hike – you cannot plan for next year other than that the currency spill would go on indefinitely, which is of course not only parasitic but from some point on no longer the case. An union that makes tariff agreements graduated over the next years shows blatant incompetence.

Lenin should be banging his iron fist on the round-table and categorically insist tariff agreement is made until interest rate hike. I should add that with zero interest of course zero budget deficit becomes meaningless as well. Your deficit is in resources rather than in currency, and if you purchased them your deficit is in political legacy of collective guilt. If the zero interest rate policy was an assault weapon as some banksters have said, this would be a case of a commander-in-chief shooting his generals into the feet.

To see this in Belgium it is sufficient to stare into the air and see the traffic problems at the airports. Traffic jams in the air! The usual chemtrails of the kerosene engines squeezed down to the size of your horizon – it is raining tax-free poison dust, you can put your laundry from the line back into the machine. A grave problem, but the mafia-run government is haggling about taxed car exhausts instead, and even there not substantially but cosmetically. The environment minister thinks it would be more important to have cigarette stubs removed from the beaches than to have coal power stations shut down. The cabinet cut down its renewable subsidy plan for mere reasons of political reciprocation, because a senseless trade war with Russia has cost the extra sausages of the conservative farmer base, and makes it want to share the pain with the renewable voter base as well.

You can see how grotesque this is when you take the interior minister's statement that Belgium had no alternative to appeasing Turkey over development aid to cope with the refugee crisis. Of course Russia could provide that aid as well, having managed a refugee crisis caused by American meddling. But that requires to cede the trade war. Yet the trade war is being pursued on demand of the Americans, and as Belgium is a puppet state such demand is unimpeachable from within the system, all the more so when it makes no sense. The idiot head of the puppet parliament is so envious that it burns its fingers trying to turn the spear.

After all, it was not Russia which penetrated Europe with artificial regime change and military coup in Kiev, but Russia's territorial reshuffle was only the appropriate response to the external aggression. A response in harmony with international law, it should be added, as the issue at stake is the Eurasia fault line as whole and not merely some national border. VCVG says the Eurasian fault line in West Asia can never be stabilised with national border lines and should better be thought of as a swing area where administrative units may make spontaneous decisions, such as the Iris fault line between Islamic Republic and Islamic State resp. Shia and Sunni Muslims in South West Asia.

He cited the case of French bee-keeper Gelard Knauer, who after a dispute with his insurance adviser took on the fat of subsidised science, and got the man to dig into the insurance schemes of cyclotrons, only to find a horrifying lack of business ethics. If you put an insurance guy next to every fat scientist, Knauer said at a rally, bad science will no longer sting. The small town doctors hit by civilisation disesease rate hikes applauded. The bureaucrats however surrounded his farm with GMO pollinators.

Or think of the barbaric serial killer Hans-Dieter Grönleben-Wohlert, who masquerading as a Twelve Tribes member lured frustrated women to a Celtic pre-historical archaeological hemp excavation site in Germany to beat them unconscious and wake them up with a chainsaw, besides damaging the compound, who turned out to be a rogue official from Brussels. Whereas rogue is to be taken with a grain of salt in reference to a hierarchy that is calling a denouncer a whistle-blower.

Given the extent of the Saudi role in EU financing, which makes Juncker fail to mention human rights violations in Morocco and the occupied territories due to an inherent fear to lose it, given that the American military is beginning to ascribe human rights to cluster bombs and killer robots as to ensure smoother operation, given that Turkey represents a loose end of EU policy which the insurgents have grabbed, spoiling a surprise leap in the European effort to blackmail their fellow member Greece, the begging mafia is not to be envied. But having its head turned into a tradeable item that can be researched, shown around, explained – and eventually tamed into a caricature of itself, that is new.

VCVG also said as a no logo fundamentalist he did not put any corporate crap insignia on the packaging, and would not even apply the free “produced off-grid” sticker by the Off Grid Offensive, because that message was already implied in the content – a booty of that calibre can only have been gained under the most reliable circumstances, all the more so with it being in charge of the puppet state, though “in charge of a puppet state” is a linguistic absurdity in itself.

He demonstratively quoted Winston Miller from a speech on the Bhopal incident, where the latter reports how the Dalai Lama was notified by the Indian government. Allegedly it took Delhi days to send a delegate and when he arrived at the lama's meditation retreat and delivered the information, he apparently appeared so incredible that the lama directly asked: “Did you intend to defraud the people?” - to which the delegate replied, “I thought you wanted to”, in response to which the lama spilled his tea over the delegate and said he was sorry that it was not chemical.

After all it was a corporation whose board had been under his tutelage, Miller commented, he should have been notified with due respect and without delay. When an Indian diplomat later asked why he had done this, the lama did not bother to comment on it, but instead visited the relatives of a rescue worker who had died in the effort. There are many loose cannons of this kind. Many Indians still believe it would have come out of the blue. Chinese people, he said, intuitively understand racism, it is like Han in Tibet. Businesspeople intuitively understand the inner workings of the begging mafia.

At the leaking platform Stratfour, a begging mafia source said when asked about the situation of Belgium in Europe, that it recommended the study of a precedent case from Unitedstates. According to the Stratfour bulletin, a clerical error at the Harton Princevard spy school had led to a class of agents being prepared for deployment into Iraq erroneously being taught the country profile of Cuba. The Arab-speaking teacher had been an American who did not know the difference. Behind enemy lines, later one of these agents applied to an Islamic State mayor for the free healthcare he expected there. He was handed to counter-espionage specialists who immediately found the little costume rent label on his kaffiye. Cases like this have been mushrooming all over the battlefields.

The healthcare agent was executed on video at the time of the Brussels airport attack. The source then went on citing a corruption case in which a Norwegian crook had sold suspension railway systems to Eastern European countries whose maintenance service was outsourced to Liberia. But evil vitriolic propaganda had scared them off Russian systems so badly that it left them totally vulnerable to the next crook in the marketplace. Just to give a few handy flashlights on the mafia normality that is to be expected in the condition. In some member sates that already experience it for a while, the mafia purchased the birth-houses of senior politicians to give them to lobbyists.

In a body where all benevolent bacteria have been chemically back-stabbed, malignant bacteria rule without even competition. Another crook had humiliated the Belgian academia by reaching in a blatant plagiarism of Adam Rude's Gallant Gallstone for a serious contest. Investigative writer Alfred Zuma called a public relations hype for electric cars with heavy-weight batteries substituting the fuel reservoir a repetition of the 20th century campaign to make car fuel from coal in countries lacking oil wells. You know, at the time they also believed coal-fuel engines could compensate for grid fluctuations.

It is a Trojan business scheme set for a horrible collapse on its stakeholders if Natural laws will not deliver fresh inventions according to business plans. Antwerp port authorities equipped with Geiger counters found rosaries made of uranium pills from depleted reactor fuel rods in Romanian child labour packed for export to India. Orphans that have been told for years that they might be adopted next week – probably dead already since they were assigned opening the recycling container.

Grimmelshausen also said that the Antwerp statistics office was blatantly lying. He quoted a statistic that said 3% of Belgian schools and kindergartens had traffic slowdowns in front of their entrances, but in reality it were only 0,3% of children and 0,003% of cars passing by them that in fact experienced slowdown. Another statistic said 3% of the country's soil were poisoned by the military, while it were in fact more than two third of the industrial areas commissioned for hazardous operations which the military had deprecated, due to the nation's abuse by coalitions of the willing.

He said the reason why an entire state could be controlled by the begging mafia was quite simple, it is because the Belgian government itself is a beggar in the service of the military abused to collect revenues for aggressive purposes. If the Belgian troll army was taken away tomorrow, he added, the puppet regime would behave like a screen addict on cold turkey, pointing to the case of Japan where a rogue regime has claimed disarmament had been enforced upon the country after the end of coprosperity not by the international community but by the Americans, who in fact push for vassal rearmament to keep their combat rates low.

Hence, there is no national disarmament solution although that is part of the solution, because disarmament must take on the transnational monopoly of violence and irreparably break it. He said that the programming installed in the aftermath of the medieval religious wars which had been developed by maritime trade balancing interests was in a prolonged slow full-fledge failure most crassly visible in the death spasm of the historical crusader states and their bizarre invitations of malignant occupiers. These are colonies who instead of getting independent broke away as inland colonialists now desperately grabbing for any lie that would suggest them their role made any sense.

It is a bit like the insight that a combustion vehicle is not simply a horse carriage driving by itself, as the more hormone-driven elements of marketing would suggest, but a new machine that needs a new operator. If you replace the operator with an operation system, then it is not simply a car guiding itself but what I said. I got to sell you a car that does itself and is available every ten minutes at the halting post down the road for free.

A new machine that need a new operator means that instead of marketing, we have to define a qualification standard to ensure safe operation, because marketing got caught up in its own false promises. A guidance software has no more soul than a horse if not less. What can be done to clear up the confusion is to teach customers the meaning of liability. Once you understand that there are clear lines where liability ends, such as a year after the packaging of the food or whatever they are they are clear, you understand that at the end of the liability chain with the use of knowledge you can go a self-determined amount beyond liability at your own risk. Once you are aware that there is a horse in the driver's sat you will behave different than with a human driver.

Yes, it is of crucial importance to understand what has changed since a decade ago. Belgium currently hosts international institutions that have not significantly progressed in their understanding of themselves since 2001. VCVG called this the architecture of holes. Religious scripture is never to be taken by the letter, as it leaves holes to fill. For example, when scripture talks about holes in clothing the defining matter is which fabric is being referred to. He said Belgium was to decide autonomously whether it wanted to be another puppet state kneeling into a vassal role, and everyone should know that militarism was not a treaty obligation.

It is important to understand that Russia has taught the Europeans respect with its divine defiance against any political vassal role, and that drives precisely those European leaders crazy who would like to say no to occupation troops but are too weak to follow foot. This delivery is part and parcel of the global campaign against democracy and capitalism and for the unity of material and spiritual justice. The progress of our forefathers is not undone: Despite of having its extremities in neoliberalism, the heart of the older half of the world has broken the yoke thereof and knows it. The bad news is that we inherit an economic corpse.

Saturday, Jul 9th, 2016
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