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  14-12-2013 17:26
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  Auctions online is fun, exciting, and socially engaging. Pricebenders auctions are also known for products at unbeatable cheap prices. At Pricebenders auctions take place sales that showcases a wide range of products at fantastic bargains for customers. Here, both individuals and businesses shop online and maybe do their best bargain. A combination of Tripleclicks merchant shop and Pricebenders auction site on a single platform makes this a unique commercial product on the internet today. The network of prominent businessmen who are active on a daily basis allows the site to a really powerful marketplace on the Internet around the world. But the most lucrative for me as internet entrepreneur and media entrepreneur is the whole SFI concept as an outstanding commercial opportunity for many people worldwide. All this together as a trade platform for the future we believe is one of the most advanced e-commerce opportunities on the internet today. The concept of SFI offers a lucrative income opportunity online for those who want to learn the network marketing concept and who want to offer services such as Pricebenders auction and Tripleclicks merchant store to private individuals and companies in e-commerce in over 190 countries around the world. With a compensation for recruiting other distributors pay SFI down to twelve generations in your network. With this unique compensation plan so you do not need more than five personally recruited dealers for you to be able to achieve an income from SFI corresponding to a many times more revenue than most traditional companies in general ever not even have the potential to achieve. This simply sounds too good to be true in a first stage to be able to look into the whole concept, but the fact is that the answer is very simple why this is a business activity that passeth all the other businesses in today's business world. These two components are the most crucial for SFI as is the success that it is really spoken about. The first is that products such as Pricebenders auction site and Tripleclicks online stores and micro hosting web shops are products of a gigantic and breathtaking rapidly growing industry, namely e -commerce over the internet and and on mobile devices. The second is its multiplier effect on the number of committed people in these offended present 190 countries around the world. The concept called multi level marketing and it is the system that legally entitles to recruit members and build its own network from where you can then get a small percentage of what all achieve together in your overall network of dealers. Duplication is when a system spreads by people choose to establish themselves in business activities that quickly allows them to obtain a so-called passive income or income by the total bet of what all achieve together. What is it then that we accomplish?, It is simple and easier than most people think and imagine. We make money from SFI by offering you one of the best-developed e-stores and online shopping centers. That's basically what is the main and major trend on the internet. All people have the advantage and can use these services, please note that I said " all the people of the whole world" can use and benefit from these services. This means that the market is already in a few months after you started an unlimited resource for whoever is chosen to recommend SFI. What is at stake for our dealers is maintaining itself to the simple concept. To start a business with SFI is totally free and you can start earning money immediately while you learn more about the system. Then I remember how a Japanese business leader once said about network marketing as a phenomenon. He said that "when you head into a business with us, so make sure that you build your business strong enough in your near market before you head out into the wide world". It has for me today several meanings, one is that it is always easier to start a business when you engage your nearest and friends in it that you self are into. The second implication is that if I'm an expert or have an expertise in a particular industry then it is also easier for me to justify why others in my industry can benefit from services such as myself have. I myself have today a successful network of resellers and referrals within the SFI and I builds continually on a growth in my business. I am a personality who have easy to get involved myself in business and I think that is the fact what leads to many of us involved in business and success. We have our goal in building personal wealth for us and for the people around us. It really all comes down to a formula SIMPLE FACTS + SIMPLE PLAN = SUCCESS!

Here is an example of a micro hosting product page for my busienss at Tripleclicks

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