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> How the German Government fools the World 01-07-2010 09:01
  Being heavily in debt and bancrupt financially and morally the boys and gals heading the key positions of the governemnt are falsifying reports with perjury of the true state of affairs obvious.The sole and worked in their own pockets and left the public coffers empty.NOW WE NEED WARS AND ROB AND RAPE OTHER COUNTRIES TO STEAL WHAT THEY HAVE.That they kill their own has been going on for decades to save a bit....The nost important beneficiaries of the thefts of public coffers was the Roman Catholic Church who help itself of Multimillions may it be of dubious ABM Maßnahmen of seminars and classes that only happened on paper and most of all by documentation juggling .Having their people in key position it was not difficult to deplete the social and labour office into the state it is now.We are beggars of both German and Foreigners dieing on the street.How come foreigners are invited only to have to beg and have to share the little that is goven to the natives.When the hell will they feed their own people first before they invite more.It would also do some good to let the Catholic Clergy work for their money .Energy they have enough to rape our children and adulterate our husbands or wives,They take what they want nothing new is it not.  
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> Sudetendeutsche link to National Parties in Europe 01-07-2010 08:43
  Considering the persecution and murder of our families still nowadays by halfcasts in the German Government ,it is felt that it is time to realize that we should be the masters in our own house rather than allowing halfcasts and mongrols often of former prostitutes and low lives to rule of the natives.This was the common concensus of a meeting of former moderates and human rights advocates in Frankfurt.This conference gave an inside how the Federal minister of Health allows Germans to be butchered deprived of medicines and treatment.Old people dieing by criminal neglect and children murdered for organs.His camouflage they said is only the German name that was given to him and the language he aquired his methods are un German and crimes against humanity-  
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  30. Juni 2010 in Rassismus- Irkcilik und Deutsches Haus Geschlossen
Jahrzehntelang – eigentlich bis heute – war es vor allem die CDU/CSU, die verhinderte, dass Deutschland eine vernünftige Einwanderungspolitik betreiben konnte. Stets ging man eher von einem Modell “saisonaler Gastarbeiter” aus, als davon, dass Einwanderung und Einwanderungspolitik für eine alternde Gesellschaft wie die deutsche dringend notwendig ist. So haben gerade die Konservativen am meisten Verantwortung für eben jene Probleme, die sie immer wieder gerne für populistische Querschläge ausnützen…
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> Killings globally of innocent people declared useless life 29-06-2010 11:03
  The Church of Mankind urges all its members to fight for their right to life , their way of life and most of all their familes whatever colour ,whatever race they are as we are made in god's image and have god within .Noone has the right to take a life but god(genesis) as their is so much value put on LIFE as expressed in the bible and the law and constitutions of the world.  
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> ARF philippines steps up security for Merlyn C.Heimrath 29-06-2010 10:33
  After Lieutenant Zenaida Bajo Heimrath , BEED the first and Pinay wife an Ilocana of Ambassador Joachim Heimrath was murdered on order of the German Embassy in Manila these animals continued with murdering of his children and attacks on the 2nd wife Merlyn Calago Heimrath who excells herself in cleanliness of her sole , never touched before,loyal and truthful to her husband taking on crucifiction without murmur.We would like to petition all followers of Joachim Heimrath to make links to her on the internet in order to protect her so that the Germans cant again use their hoodlums (moles) and paid whores , traitors against our beloved Filipinos and the Philippines serving treacherously their German masters in our own country.Weed them out merciless as mercy belongs to the merciful.Hunt them down as wild animals , Filipinos in Germany the law system allows now the killing of people , one of the predictions of our Bishop Joachim Heimrath that like all of them that became true.This goes for the Philippines now too as Arroyo has sold out our people for personal interests to Germany.Peope at the Mental homes et al are already murdered by poison or criminal neglect.This is not the time to put the head into the sand or they kill you , your child , the old ones or considered worthless ones around the world.  
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> Philippine DFA betrays its country's laws and constitution 26-06-2010 08:56
  Joachim Heimrath was tortured for 2 years at a Concentration Camp Philippine National Poilce Camp,Bagong Diwa,Lower Bicutan ,Taguig ,Manila , Philippines .285 complaints were sent to Commissioner Marcelino Libanan as he allowed Herman National Alfred Lehnert and his police general's wife to run it.Due process , constitutional and human rights as well as medical attention were denied as a matter of fact.35 legal complaints were filed with the Department of Justice and one with Malacanang ,Arlegui Guest House , the President's Office.Even the European Human Rights Commission came sent by DFA , PASAY and took a statement under oath by Joachim Heimrath and his wife.THE REACTION OF THE DFA WAS CLEAR AND ITS DAMAGE CONTROL.He was kidnapped from the camp and then declared a volontuary deportee once on arrival at Schiphol Airpost Amsterdam where some conniving immigration officers allowed Joachim Heimrath to be smuggled in.  
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> Pomigliano, un segnale squllante 25-06-2010 14:15
  Scrive Giorgio Cremaschi: "Fallito il plebiscito Fiat a Pomigliano, il 40% degli operai, quelli che devono faticare in turni crescenti e pause calanti, ha detto no. Nonostante il clima di intimidazione e il ricatto. E' un fatto clamoroso che conferma il valore della scelta della Fiom di non firmare. Ora è più forte la difesa del Contratto nazionale, dei diritti e della Costituzione. Il coraggio dei tanti operai che hanno rifiutato il ricatto Fiat si trasmette a noi e a tutto il mondo del lavoro per continuare. Il diritto al lavoro e i diritti del lavoro non possono, non devono essere posti in alternativa tra loro."  
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> Bishop Joachim Heimrath urgers his followers for action 25-06-2010 08:41
  Joachim Heimrath urges his followers , the guardians of the truth and uoholders of the moral pattern of the telepaths to form their chiurch globally and to be missionaries for our people all over the world from the Philippines.A fitting honour to my beloved Filipinos who were enslaved for centuries by a church of lies , murders and lack of any seeable moral pattern,lacking any ethics to uphold morals unable even to live themselves accoringly.  
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> Brandangriff gegen die erdzerstörende Maschinerie in Mexiko 24-06-2010 19:46
  Übersetzung aus dem Englischen:  http://thisisourjob.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/arson-against-earth-destroying-machinery-in-mexico-2/
Original auf spanisch:  http://liberaciontotal.entodaspartes.net/archives/9786
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TAK (Kurdistan Freedom Falcons) said they carried out an attack this morning in Istanbul. Four soldiers were killed in the blast, along with the daughter of another military personnel. In a statement claiming responsibility for the blast, TAK said that the attack „was organized as a revengeful action against the unjust war in Kurdistan.“
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> Sauvage in Thun 20-06-2010 19:20
  Am Freitag 18. Juni 2010 fand in Thun eine Sauvage statt. Im ehemaligen Gerberkäse-Areal, nahe des Kinos Rex, feierten etwa 250 Personen die Freitag Nacht durch.  
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> Palästina 20-06-2010 13:35
  Ein Text über Zensur, über "objektive" Berichterstattung und deren Auswirkungen auf das linke Selbstvertändnis.  
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> manifestation le 21 juin à Genève 19-06-2010 15:56
  Manifestation ce lundi 21 juin à 18h00 à Genève,
départ place du Molard.
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> Leading the Philippine armed revolution astray 18-06-2010 11:25
  The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has spent a tremendous amount of manpower, financial and materials resources in the electoral campaign, in the process forging a tactical alliance with the landlord-bureaucrat capitalist Manuel Villar, the Nacionalista Party--and indirectly with the family of the late fascist puppet dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

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> Ma l'alternativa c'è 17-06-2010 17:52
  Non c'è alternativa. Questa sentenza apodittica di Margaret Thatcher per la quale è stato creato anche un acronimo (Tina: there is no alternative) è la silloge del cosiddetto «pensiero unico» che nel corso dell'ultimo trentennio ha accompagnato le dottrine più o meno «scientifiche» da cui sono state orientate, o con cui sono state giustificate, le scelte di volta in volta dettate dai detentori del potere economico: prima liberismo (a parole, con grande dispendio di diagrammi e formule matematiche, ma senza mai rinunciare agli aiuti di stato e alle pratiche monopolistiche); poi dirigismo e capitalismo di stato (per salvare banche, assicurazione e giganti dell'industria dai piedi d'argilla dal precipizio della crisi); per passare ora a un vero e proprio saccheggio, usando come fossero bancomat salari, pensioni, servizi sociali e «beni comuni», per saldare i debiti degli Stati messi in crisi dalle banche appena salvate.  
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> Le nuove culture della crisi 17-06-2010 17:48
  L’economia è cultura o, per dirla in altre parole, è formata dai valori e dalle convinzioni che guidano il nostro comportamento, compresi la produzione, lo scambio e la distribuzione di beni e servizi. Non esiste un’economia indipendente da quello che facciamo, pensiamo e sentiamo.
Per questo le regole dell’economia cambiano. Le utopie inconcepibili si trasformano in realtà comuni in seguito ai conlitti sociali, ai cambiamenti tecnologici e alle crisi economiche. La crisi degli anni trenta e i conflitti che l’accompagnarono hanno seppellito il mito dell’autoregolamentazione del mercato, lasciando spazio all’intervento dello stato e a un’espansione del settore pubblico finanziata dalle tasse. Sanità, istruzione, pensioni, sussidi, ferie retribuite e tante altre cose sono entrate nelle nostre vite. Poi il trionfo del neoliberismo e della globalizzazione, la rivoluzione tecnologica e il crollo del comunismo sovietico hanno aperto la strada a una cultura economica basata sul fondamentalismo di mercato, con un elemento nuovo: il passaggio dall’etica del capitalismo
imprenditoriale al capitalismo inanziario senza etica.
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> Ein Staat, zwei Völker 15-06-2010 14:07
  Der israelisch-palästinensische Antagonismus kann nur in einem gemeinsamen demokratischen Staat aufgehoben werden  
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> Réflexions du compañero Fidel LE COUP DE GRIFFE EN SUSPENS 15-06-2010 01:43
  J’ai écrit mes Réflexions du mardi 8 juin, « Au seuil de la tragédie » en début d’après-midi. Plus tard, j’ai regardé le programme de la télévision, « Table ronde », de Randy Alonso, qui débute en général à 18 h 30.  
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> Pour sauver l'image de l'USAID, Obama sélectionne un expert 15-06-2010 01:02
  Pour sauver l'image de l'USAID, Obama sélectionne un expert en supercheries

Si en désignant Mark Feierstein comme nouvel Administrateur adjoint pour l'Amérique latine et les Caraïbes de l'Agence pour le Développent international des Etats-Unis (USAID), le président Barack Obama a souhaité améliorer l'image de cette organisation discréditée, il s'est tiré une balle dans le pied. L'ex fonctionnaire fédéral est un spécialiste de la désinformation dont la feuille de route a l'odeur sulfureuse des services de renseignement.
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> Starke Pro-Israel Demo in Berlin 14-06-2010 20:19
  Es war wieder Demo-Wochenende in Berlins Mitte. Zehntausende protestieren gegen die Krise im Allgemeinen und die Politik der schwarz-gelben Koalition im Speziellen. Doch auch eine kleinere Gruppe von rund 150 Menschen, die sogenannte Bahamas-Fraktion, hatte zum Protest aufgerufen, um Israel zu unterstützen.  
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