Tema/i | guerra | repressione : Ghanaan Psychiatrist On French Street Violence
  20-02-2017 15:24
Autore : Jeanne Bann-Waldhofer
: http://sandiego.indymedia.org/node/4054
(seminar video excerpt translation transcript) „To understand the current woes of France you have to understand Napoleon. Napoleon was Europe‘s military answer to the establishment of Unitedstates with the congenital error of slavery. Napoleon understood that it was not a new level of independence, but a historical step back which took the Christian world from enslaving others to enslaving itself. As a result, he tried to lead Europe for a historical alternative. After several hinge battles, Napoleon was defeated by the transatlantic entanglement of Britain, and Europe fell back on colonialism, but not without a few significant changes.“
  “Current France is still suffering an ongoing influence of colonial soldiers returning from military occupations in Africa and many, many places rarely mentioned elsewhere, all of which blend the customs and manners they developed as foreign aggressors back into their homeland society. Since anyone can remember, France is in a military deadlock re-importing the most refined varieties of its own brutality.”

“But first for the change Napoleon made. When he went across intra-European language barriers, his officials found for example that some people would speak about the idols in their worship houses in the same tone as about their cattle, and when the translator was angry confused people found churches turned into barns. In areas that had little economy but pilgrims and robbers he replaced the entire corrupt establishment with these he had, for the purpose of annexation, kicked out of the other side of the big river.”

“What happened after the so-called independence of Unitedstates is that the most corrupted heartlands of Europe by means of external decree got under new management, such as Unitedstates now under its forty-fifth president Trump. The clerics were sent back to their churches, the soldiers were returned to their barracks, and the palaces they had shared became museums. And so did the landscape. When I was there a guide showed me a forest path, and said, look, one side is church-managed and the other is state-managed, and since Napoleon that is separated.”

“Why? Because Napoleon understood that colonialism was a demographic problem and was not interested to found a dynasty and further fire up the population growth that had led to external aggression. That is why the reactionaries despised him, because population growth and surplus population export were existential components in their attempts to outmatch each other.”

“Maybe he would have founded one after achieving a result that defused the idea from the false incentives of associative speculation, but it did not come to that. It came to the horrible assassinations and deportations of the country’s opposition when it insisted on truth a century later. It came to the loss of military supremacy on the subcontinent to Germany and then Britain and Unitedstates. It came to the quenching of an insurrection of the fittest.”

“This is where the baton rape case comes into view. The police explanation of the incident of course is as ridiculous as the use of a sledgehammer to put a marriage photograph on the wall. The evidence suggests that the baton was held in the hand as if it was meant to resemble. The only thing that could produce worse injury was if the stick was fixated and the body was moving. It is a bad idea to try in a street confrontation in the first place, just as if they were to try to take fingerprints on the spot, only that in this case the damage is to the work result not the victim’s body.”

“If French police say the type of baton used was not suitable to be used that way and that should be seen as an indication that it wasn’t, then it is just as well possible that a device unsuitable for internal use was used internally. Although the notorious McTaggart case was no rape case, the contradictions in the official apology resemble these found here.”

“With the reservation of lack of official confirmation, what the victim said before the rape, namely ‘you (the officials of the state) are stealing our time’ evidently is coined upon these standing behind the street personnel, the commanders and politicians. If a cop feels tempted to respond to that with an intrusion either without a baton or with, one urgently ought to question what is going on behind him. Does he pass on the abuse and aggression of his bosses? As a witness, you should be tossing a coin to give a hint. When none are available, you can also use CDs or data screens or local community sermons.”

“Don’t be disturbed by the role of France as the most despised European country in Unitedstates. It resents France that it ceased daring to challenge their hegemony. This is quite a weird resentment, because France lost that role to Germany one generation after it killed the best of itself in the so-called Paris Uprising of 1870. Napoleon being the military answer to Washington, Paris can be understood as the civilian answer to Lincoln.”

“Napoleon wanted to show that it is possible without slavery as well to conquer a landmass to lift it up, Paris intended to show emancipation is possible without corruption as well. And it would have been without monopoly sabotage. It is here where Karl Marx’ observation fits in that Lincoln would have lost on the brink of success if the reactionaries in Europe had been only a little stronger. The Paris Commune tried nevertheless.”

“The problem is that Napoleon was a military man. Military men are blind for the distinction between natural order and man-made order. The indigenous fighter of a small community may be able to make a difference between the mountain geography and the border line, that happens to be in the middle between the best suitable places for the horse barns, even though there are no horses any more, only a fossil refill where there had been green meadow. But current time soldiers are unemployed on death row that jumped out of some computer screen.”

“So, Napoleon did not make a land reform but only a land swap. What is the difference? Land reform means that the entire network of social associations projected on land is declared invalid and replaced by a new one. Like with draining the swamp, for example near Arvandrud, the labyrinth becomes a plain field. But although land reform may be in the yoke of monoculture, land reform is not monoculture. It can also be used to produce agreements and structures that are in harmony with geography and the interests of species.”

“Land swap however only is the installation of a new management, while the management procedures and arrangements are not fundamentally re-evaluated. So what Napoleon did with the German heartland, which during the crusades had gone the other way than the rest of Europe with the clerics ending up on top of the oligarchy, by replacing the clerics with a defeated oligarchy from the other river bank, he put the territory back to the historical crossroads in, but not back to where it had been before the crusades. That next step only could have come from the Paris Commune.”

“In the twentieth century, based on the incomplete repair, fake oligarchs took the place to challenge Unitedstates on the ground of the remainder of the social system that had brought about the crusades and the colonies, and failed because they did not take into account that Europe is one of several subcontinents of Asia, its first one seen from the Atlantic, certainly, but not its only one. Both Kaiser and Hitler ended up in unsuitable tactics, since such a challenge would only have had a chance of success on the ground of the Paris Commune heritage, but the Germans defrauded and oppressed it as well, putting a side-load of trying to got a get a foot into their neighbour’s open door on the issue and thereby ruining its balance.”

“Napoleon had understood that another avalanche of empire migration such as in the period that turned the tropical habitats into deserts was to be avoided, and that a shift of colonialist hegemony over the Atlantic might be the first step in it. What came up over there might be the first chain link in a long brutal row of galley slave gangs on nukes. The so-called American independence was not some kind of historical progress, but the cooking pot of military haughtiness on the fire of colonialism boiling over the edge. It is blatantly ridiculous to assert independence for someone addicted to asymmetric spying, like a parasite on its host.”

“In this century it has become self-evident to all the world that this is a far bigger menace than the resentment of the then losers, that turned against Napoleon because it was was not able to reach at these it meant. It is now clear as noonday that if empire was to crash and from there migrate to, e. g., China, and another generation later it might be Persia or the then former Amazon, it would be a climate disaster without backup. The Northern hemisphere already is the backup for the climate disaster of the last millennia as it is on the books.”

“One man’s holy book is another man’s eye into the other’s life. When you desecrate the other’s book then you destroy your own outlook there. This is essentially the meaning Napoleon signalled to the crusaders – by your abuse you are damaging your recruitment. After the European establishment was left by the overseas branches it could not longer be denied that what the disastrous consequences of religious war were.”

“One man’s grain of sand may be another man’s pearl. An answer to a particular incompatibility cannot only be scaled up but also scaled down, and occasionally must be when dirt is in the air like noise. Napoleon understood the West but not the East, and failed to Asian men armed with icicles in their beards. Hitler understood neither because he was a trench actor relying on his advisers.”

“Napoleon had been a French factor in the development of the country’s neighbours in the commutative sense of the word. Even generations later, his role and influence there can be clearly factored out and replaced with the same by someone else. For example, after the defeat of Hitler Stalin did a regional land swap too, and the exile government he brought in then did land reform way better than in the prototype model, although it was still vulnerable to trade war. In comparison, not a single instance of Unitedstates regime change ever got out of the military hospital alive. Japan for instance behaves like a patient that cannot gather sufficient motivation to return home although it is no longer in bloody bandages for a while already.”

“It is at this point where Nato comes into our view. Projected as a packaging for Unitedstates military occupation bases in Central Europe, some of which are being abused for unrelated external aggressive particular interests, what you now can see in Nato is an inmates gathering trying to run the expendable institution as an exchange club – your troops vacation in my country, mine in yours, like boy scouts. Certainly after a while systematic abuse is going to be an issue resulting thereof. Hitler is dead, these patients are to be free. Nato is to be shut down without firing a shot, please, France.”
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