Tema/i | anticapitalismo / antiglobalizzazione : British Euro Secession Background Lesson
  07-05-2017 05:51
Autore : Omar Idom
  At a renewable energy independence seminar in Harare, the arguably first stringent scientific explanation of the secession was presented by speaker Ras Ramsay. While the secession issue often appears loaded with group programming and most arguments boil down to the comparison that if democratic capitalism is like an oil spill, nationalism is like the chemical to make it disappear from the aerial footage – it does not really remove it, but only absorb it to fall out at the ground – the political meaning of specific secessions often remains to be deciphered. So in the London-Brussels case. Here is the fresh take.  

„I thank for the inside report on the Greek transport workers strike and would like to mention a related example of the risk unions face by monopoly and the common benefit they may produce by sparing others of the task. As everyone here knows, the British government in London announced it would secede from the Brussels pact. The propaganda media framed it as such that it would retreat from the pact, but that does not single it out from its members. The European Union, which is not an union, but a pact of states, yet its name is European union, is getting into a condition of decay. That is the surface view. But we are going to look at what has come between London an Brussels.”

„I name the capitals in place of the pact because Brussels is host to yet another pact – Nato. And that is where the deep rift between the governments in London and Washington is, if you look below the surface. The entire European Union disagreement is not all of it; although it is there and very real in many points, it has become absolutely obvious by now that it is being pushed by figures with a second agenda for which they jump on an issue they actually are not interested in. And that second agenda is that they are somehow grumpy about their so-called ally and rightly so, and they want to live that out without living it out, so they stir up the issues along the other Brussels pact. This is why the whole anti-Brussels discourse on the island has so little to do with sovereignty, but in fact obtained a dishonest direction.”

„Next, what is the London-Washington, or so-called trans-Atlantic issue? It is the oil. Or more precisely the history of the oil, an issue which requires these who know it to overlook these who only know how to fantasise about it. Otherwise you would end up in a scholastic dead end weighing how many Angels might fit on a needle tip. And the root cause of the entire Brussels unrest is that there is a new fantasy about it, and it comes from the oil sector.”

„What caused the secession movement there to inflame the government is that British officials discovered a rewritten version of their particular history of oil that appeared as if it was lending a hand to them, but at a closer look turned out to be a blatant trap. It was obviously a forgery, and attempting to rewrite their oil history in a seductive manner profitable to its authors.”

„As everyone in the field knows, Britain obtained its external oil concessions through blatant fraud committed by its espionage bureaucracy, which was so bad that the local king who had done little more than accepting and enabling that fraud a generation later was booed away by its population in a revolution going on up to that very moment. But our focus is on the perpetrator side. And this is why I mention the issue in the Greek context.”

„When it had obtained the foreign drilling rights, the king there set up its British petroleum corporation with the configuration that only one half of the power was in the hands of the espionage conspiracy, while the other was put into the hands of the military navy admirals. They had to agree on oil operations because they organised the transport. This model ran through the first half of the twentieth century until British petroleum became an American satellite.”

„A few years ago, the British government found in its archives paperwork concerning the oil sharing issue, which it had not evaluated before. There was a handwritten Additional Protocol to the concession handover treaty signed by the representative sides which suggested that the role of the navy was from the beginning meant to be ceremonial only, and all of the influence to be exercised by the espionage branch, and that this would have been the declared will of the tightest possible personal security. Which is obviously crap, because at the time the labour market could not offer the required language skills. Nevertheless the next finding were hitherto unknown past evaluations suggesting that despite being discovered so late the sources were still good, or how much fun a fruitless investigation thereof would have been at least.”

„The underlying tone of all the documents and statement of the series thereof was, had the British only given their espionage conspiracy unchecked power over their economic choices depending upon the oil flow, they might have won the world wars by themselves, and therefore today would be a better ally or best friend of its allies. As you all know, the Russians fought the world wars to victory, and the Americans only intervened to reap the fruit of others after the tide had turned. Britain was a dwarf first sidelined by the Germans and then by the Americans.”

„France, by the way, at the time was a zombie, in the sense that it did not win the war, and later was taken as another prop to distract from Russia’s role. I forgot to mention the blame it on France statement. And here you have a blatant attempt to rewrite British oil history from the outside as to get it in line just like the Americans did to France in the middle of the twentieth century. As a result, France is leaving a monstrous pile of military nuclear waste. Such is Britain, and the establishment figures who have so quickly turned themselves into figureheads of the secession campaign are the ones which are clinging to it, because apparently when nuclear waste decays long enough it decays into veto privileges.”

„I suggest the British understand very very well that once they have their energy history distorted by a bigger rival it is only a matter of time until they have their veto taken out of their hands as well, because if the influence is complete who needs a second one in series? Maybe the navy side understands a bit better than the espionage side, due to their respective accounting habits. One could say, if the British swallowed that Molotov cocktail then they would be absorbed by their bigger ally and lose more than they could win, and even the establishment cannot deny so.”

„In particular, the navy side says the finding of the paperwork proves that the espionage side’s janitor failed, so it could get in, and that alone strongly suggests that it should not be entitled with a monopoly veto command. One commentator who can be counted as a voice of the admirals wrote that the navy is unclear how it would like to be represented in the balance. Because it has turned from a formal board into a informal issue, the navy is currently being represented towards the espionage conspiracy by the government. And the government there is playing the hat game with Brussels that you can see.”

„The tendency is that the admirals intend to return to a more formal representation, in which unintended balance shifts do not echo that much. But the espionage side due to its conspiracy behaviour pattern has difficulties acknowledging that such a balance is there. Some admirals see the ruling conspiracy as a dementia case in a wheelchair of its energy supply line operators. The commentator quoted a pensioned admiral who is actually living in a wheelchair with the verdict that a person who cannot pick up a lost wallet and who cannot stand for having kept it sealed before handing it in or over cannot be called a sovereign citizen. That is how they see their espionage conspiracy.”

„Talking about wallets, my advice to the British would be to ask the British Zen teacher who invented the ankle bite trick against pickpockets. For these who do not know, give the pickpocket an ankle kick, soft like a good watchdog’s warning bite. Its learning followers will see how it ignores it because it thinks it was one of them and keep the lesson. But he also teaches the strong bite, as well as what to do in case this one turns out to be dog-resistant.”

„That is something that can be said from a distance with clarity. Plus what the elder admiral had said, just that you might have been playing with miniature soldiers as kid because they happened to be in the grandfather box and the espionage apparatus figures that out from the photo albums does not mean a formal call to duty, although the ideology of totalitarian information association does suggest so.”

„Having said all this, you might ask, then why does anyone feel a temptation to forge this kind of paperwork? Is not every raising child aware that a pen dream dictated is a dictatorial nightmare? Is the outcome of France having been forced into an inconsistent role, if not a self-contradictory one to say the least, not instructive enough? There are strong reasons for secession. But what you can see as well is that secession is the conservative treatment.”

„It cannot solve the issue – in this case, the oil exploitation balance – but only maybe reduce the pressure on it. It can achieve little more than prepare the surface for a deeper idea. Hence it ought not come as an irritation that the bottleneck element, in this case the navy is at the front row of the secession movement, since it got something to cling to. And the consensus is that it narrowly convinced the electorate that something better than grown-out conspiracy is appropriate. What that is going to be is not to be defined from that point though.”

„I conclude the forgeries are being committed as to obtain or keep an upper hand in the interpretation thereof, and as the secession movement against Brussels made the people stronger they are being bombarded, I say this is full red awareness, bombarded with distortions suggesting that resulted from the bombardment. After all these are the same suicidal morons who also bomb hospitals after they bombed homes. Maybe you get an impression of the effort it takes to verify whether the persons producing the bombs do know where they are being dropped and vice versa, for example. Because without certainty in these details the stuff is more destructive than instructive.”

„And yet, if you put everything on suspicion that addresses the reptilian brain without getting just as close to the human one, it will not only catch forgery but some poisoned reality as well. Which is not the same, just like for the miniature soldier it is not the same whether it tramples the flower stepping for ward or stepping back. Yet in the heat of actual battle it is, or effectively appears so. This is the fundamental flaw of any suspicion tactics using any form of reverse conclusion as its stepping stones.”

„The challenge in the forgery is that it requires readjustment of precedent benchmarks again and again, and that this is a task that requires brain nodes rarely used for other purposes, and if load spikes come as a surprise then like muscles they might get to ache too much before they can cope up. Hence I talk of bombardment with forgeries, because it aims to derail this adjustment by overload. This is by the way also why an oil forgery is such a fitting precedent, because some of the energy exploitation techniques that leave toxic assets in the Earth surface are of a similar kind.”

„Which bring us back to the issue of the British admirals and the ‘European Union’ because oddly enough in this constellation they are the union and Brussels is the corporation. There is so much anger over the blatant attempt of manipulation that it can hardly be ignored that it is of the same kind the Americans committed against France after its collapse in the twentieth century. But the navy cannot prove that it was Americans who produced the forgeries, unless you make a global list who could have the unscrupulousness and the technologies to commit this kind of crime, and cross out everyone who has not; and that selection would still contain the British themselves.”

„We will disarm them. I postulate the crime cannot be resolved from looking at target archives, but only from perpetrator documentation once the short-cut proof to justify doing so does appear unexpectedly and triggers immediate action. The conservative British government is not a conservationist force in the sense of e. g. biodiversity and likewise antics. But since this is so it has got something to lose, and that is the driving force for the current absurd constellation there. Secession does not merely mean that one member leaves the club, but that the entire club is going down and the first member closest to the exit jumps off.”

„Hence the voice of the admirals is back-peddling from the spent imperialist haughtiness, because it is healthier to pre-empt expectable meltdown with successive breakdown. Personally, I think they have just had a few too many mysterious deaths of the Thatcher or Churkin kind in their surroundings. These people could not stand the shock to realise how toxic their asset is. And I believe they die with the feeling that their death is ferrying a message to others with whom they have shared a part of their ways, teaching them how to remain calm over the common asset, and how toxic it really is. And their choice you see is their way of coping. But ask their families how they died, not me.”

„I can only tell you that you can have pure death on a silver plate without any of the many, many gruesome ideas that take so much effort to put themselves ahead of it. But I would rather not mention it in a pogo. We are now one generation over the neutron bomb, so what is an irregularity with a birth certificate in comparison to a clouded death certificate? They see the sky above them and say no way. They know their generation. Knew. And the remaining survivors like to fix it without finding their graves touched.”

„The entire narrative how Britain would have defeated first Germany and then Russia as a top janissary under the American nuclear umbrella if only the navy admirals had asked the espionage racket for a gag order is tree rot. Not true, not alive. Meant to distract from the fact that these people died, and these drilling concessions were annulled with revolutionary guards. Like the so-called terrorists only with another message. In this case it is the necessity to solve the issue once and for all. Wheelchair admiral was quoted with the saying that if espionage was a medication, with these side-effects and unintended consequences it would never have got certified.”

„Any naval device that goes beyond weather monitoring brings them in conflict with trade customs, and must be transported off the market road anyway, while the espionage side has a free pass on all customs even for arms trafficking and proliferation due to the so-called security law packages your representatives fail to unbundle for security check during their overtime. As in the Greek situation, it would be unwise to reject the admirals as groundlessly grumpy seniors. It is as if the trees suggested to you they do not like to become Trojan horses. Besides the fact who needs Trojan horses when you have hollow trees?”

„The so-called European union which is not an union should be transformed into an Unitednations branch such as there are others for other occupation-affected territories to help them end occupation and achieve sovereignty in the form a branch thereof can do. As what it is it is as obsolete as the other Brussels pact, Nato. Can you imagine it as an Atomic Agency branch? I conclude these findings weigh enough to stipulate full-fledged annulment of all concerned pacts because in this situation invoking an assistance clause would be the mirror opposite of the thief crying stop the thief. It is impossible to predict how likely it is for these pacts to be transformed into something useful, since it depends on the quantity and quality of pressure to be built up to force the foreign military occupation back, out and away.”

„So what can be said with certainty is that for these interested in the structures remaining to be used it is also of interest to make it go away rather sooner than later. If they screw off every bit and piece and then put some together the way they were, maybe, but let it come to the whole thing first. And these who know me know that this is not a plea in favour of the Unitednations organisation, as I chose to remain agnostic on the issue of its survival, it is merely a perception which should be interesting for these interested in it, and maybe also possible to be interpreted as a challenge to make something of it I would not make myself but then find as it is.”

Friday, May 5th 2017
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